This publication is featuring images and artworks by Rosie Eisor, created during 6 weeks artist residency at AiR Sandnes, capturing scenes from both Sandnes and Stavanger.

“In the South West of Norway, the versatile word “JAVEL” can be confusing to outsiders. While it often serves as a simple acknowledgment like “okay,” its meaning can change depending on the speaker’s tone, the body language and the situation. In informal contexts, it could be a friendly “hello”, while a questioning tone turns it into a request for confirmation or an expression of mild surprise.”

Technical details: 10 x 15,2 cm — 44 pages — Body includes: color images on photographic paper and b/w photocopy prints — original train ticket included — Cover: 300g paper — hand bound with white thread — first edition of only 10 copies, printed in Sandnes, Norway.

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