September 2019, Brussels

The SEE U temporary occupation together with Atelier Louves and TAVU collectives, in close partnership with the European Commission, have offered artists to illustrate the values and themes that determine SEE U as a European project. Blood Becomes Water chose the value of community through access to art.

The mural painting presents two eyes, which welcome each visitor at the entrance of the SEE U site. The piece is executed on the walls of the old security guard, which refers to the history of the building. “Open your eyes” takes a benevolent look at the community of occupants and visitors, inviting everyone to “open” their senses and take full advantage of the place offering access to different cultural projects.

Technical details: Exterior paint and spray cans
Concept & mural drawing: Raya Rayax & Robin Renard

Cover photo credit: Christophe Vogels