October 2015

Junkyard Funkyard is a publication presenting a selection of works made during Bricolage Lab design camp in Belgrade. Working with what already exists on hand, a number of workshops were initiated using the objects scavenged from the repository of material memory at the scrapyard. At the end of all activities Blood Becomes Water have been invited to archive the production from the “Srbotehnika” workshop created with Karkatag Kolektiv and the “Make Questions, Not Objects” workshop with Skart into printed matter, working together with all participants at Kulturforum Gallery for a week.

Technical details:  format 214mm x 295mm – digital color print – 160gr body – 200gr cover – handmade bound – 30 copies – printed in Belgrade
Featured work of : Sanja Andrejević / Dragan Bajčetić / Andjela Djermaović / Olga Đurić / Tanja Ivanović / Anđelka Jvanović / Ana Karadarević / Zvonimir Koprivica / Jelena Macanović / Tijana Mandarić / Aleksandra Nedović / Danijela Pivašević-Tenner / Emily Radosavljević / Dubravka Simonović / Ana Vujović
Concept, design & selection: Rosie Eisor & Raya Rayax
Cover: Anđelka Jvanović, Zvonimir Koprivica & Rosie Eisor