February 2024

‘JAVEL’, a very limited edition zine, features images and artworks created by Rosie Eisor during her six-week artist residency at AiR Sandnes.

In the South West of Norway, the versatile word “JAVEL” can be confusing to outsiders. While it often serves as a simple acknowledgment like “okay,” its meaning can change depending on the speaker’s tone, the body language and the situation. In informal contexts, it could be a friendly “hello”, while a questioning tone turns it into a request for confirmation or an expression of mild surprise.

Technical details: 10 x 15.2 cm — 44 pages — Body includes: color images on photographic paper and b/w digital prints — original train ticket included — Cover: 200g paper — hand bound with white thread — first edition of 10 copies — printed in Sandnes, Norway.
Concept & design: Rosie Eisor