January 2011

The collection’s aim is to disrupt and confuse the viewer, exfoliating the edition which contains several images created with unreasonable imperfections and defects in the opposite direction with the usual course of things. The zine could be also seen as a visual mistake for itself – a window to other dimensions or a TV that broadcasts different programs.

Technical details: format 145mm x 205mm / 50 color pages / 170 gr 100% recycled paper / 250 gr, 2-3 colours silckscreen cover / 50 copies / silkscreen poster in edition of 30 / printed in Sofia and Brussels
Featured work of Arn Gyssels / Ashlea O’Neill / Brent Wadden / Iassen Markov / Cazzimir Meulemans / Maksim Yopunk / Raya Rayax / Rosie Eisor
Concept, design & selection: Rosie Eisor & Raya Rayax
Cover : Rosie Eisor